Hornby R30226 BR Stanier 5MT (Black Five) No. 45157 "The Glasgow Highlander" DCC Ready OO Gauge

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Hornby R30226

BR Stanier 5MT
Black Five 4-6-0
No. 45157 "The Glasgow Highlander"
21 Pin DCC Ready
OO Gauge 

Condition - New 

One of only four among the eight hundred and forty-two Stanier ‘Black 5s' to carry a name during their operational service, 45157 ‘Glasgow Highlander’ maintains a sense of distinctiveness and identity among such a prolifically made and serviceable Class. Eighteen ‘Black 5s' have been  preserved, with twelve of them being purchased directly from BR for preservation. Sadly, ‘Glasgow Highlander’ was not one of them.

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