Graham Farish 374-764 BR MK2F FO First Open Coach Virgin Trains (Original) N Gauge

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Graham Farish 374-764

FO First Open Coach
Virgin Trains (Original) 
N Gauge

Condition  - NEW
Coach is new and in its original box.

British Rail’s second generation of standard coach was designated the Mk2, following on from the highly successful Mk1 series. Unlike the Mk1s however, the Mk2s evolved through different build batches, and such were the changes that a letter suffix was attributed to identify each of the different variants. Fewer coach types were built, with construction concentrating on vehicles offering standard accommodation of both first- and second-class, plus coaches that made provision for the Guard and train crew. Specialist vehicles such as catering and sleeping cars were not included, instead BR Mk1 and earlier types continued to fulfil these requirements until Mk3s with similar facilities arrived in the late-1970s to replace them. Like the Mk1s, the Mk2s were of steel construction, but featured more of a monocoque design than the Mk1, which added to their safety and integrity in the event of a collision.

The Mk2Fs were the final evolution of the Mk2 family, and these coaches featured full air conditioning, interior panelling made of plastic, a new style of seating and tinted windows. Initially only three types were built, Tourist Second Opens, First Opens and Brake Second Opens, but some First Opens were later converted into Restaurant First Buffets, whilst several Brake Second Opens were fitted with a driving cab at one end, becoming Driving Brake Second Opens for push-pull use.

When it comes to the Graham Farish model, it’s fair to say that this miniature Mk2F ticks all the boxes. The Distinctive Mk2 shape is captured to a tee whilst the few details that feature on the roof of the prototype, namely the ventilators at each end and the toilet roof panel, are expertly moulded. Each end features separately fitted metal handrails and the end footsteps at each corner are also included. On the bodysides each door is complete with hinges, handles and even door bumper details, whilst the flush, tinted glazing gives these coaches their characteristic streamlined appearance. Take a look below the solebar and you will find a full complement of equipment – all necessary for the braking, electrical and air-conditioning systems.

The B4 bogies are fitted with metal wheelsets, whilst the standard N scale coupling attach via a NEM coupling pocket providing interchangeability with other coupling systems. Inside each model is an interior featuring the prototypical layout of tables and chairs, and brake vehicles even contain the luggage compartment caging, whilst the icing on the cake is the livery application, using authentic colours, logos and fonts to give every model an exquisite appearance.



  • Graham Farish N Scale
  • Era 9
  • Pristine Virgin Trains (Original) livery
  • Running No. 3392
  • Accessory Pack
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Length 136mm

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