Graham Farish 374-477B BR Mk.3 SLEP Sleeper with Pantry BR Blue & Grey Inter-City Sleeper N-Gauge

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Graham Farish 374-477B

BR Mk.3 SLEP Sleeper with Pantry

BR Blue & Grey Inter-City Sleeper


Condition - New


The British Railways Mk3 was the third generation of BR’s standard design of main line coaching stock. Whilst the look of the Mk3 may be considered an evolution of the later series Mk2s, the modern features of the Mk3 – from the disc brakes to the secondary air suspension between the body and bogies – and the increased length of almost 10 feet clearly set the two types apart. Built from 1972, the first prototype vehicles were used as part of the Prototype High Speed Train (HSDT). Production vehicles, with subtle differences to the prototypes, began construction in 1975 and continued until 1988 when some 848 vehicles had been constructed. Coaches were built for use with both HSTs and for loco-hauled services and there were subtle differences between the two types, most notably the absence of buffers on HST coaches.

Standard opens were the most numerous, but there were also hundreds of first class coaches built along with more than two hundred sleeping cars. On loco-hauled services, brake facilities were often provided by Mk1 or Mk2 vehicles as very few Mk3 brakes were built, catering vehicles fared a little better and several variants were built. As part of the HST formation, the Mk3 coach has undoubtedly enjoyed a long and successful career but today, whilst many are still in service, their numbers are reducing all the time as HSTs and loco-hauled services, are replaced by new trains making the Mk3s redundant. Thankfully, there is growing interest in the continued operation of these vehicles with many having already been granted a secure future in preservation or with private operators.

The Graham Farish Mk3 Coaches utilise a clear bodyshell onto which the entire livery of the vehicle is printed. Using authentic colours, logos and fonts, this technique allows for the smooth, flush profile of the real vehicles to be scaled accurately on these 1:148 scale models. Each coach runs on BT10 bogies which are fitted with metal wheelsets and standard N scale couplings.



  • Graham Farish N Scale
  • Era 9
  • Pristine ScotRail (Caledonian Sleeper) livery
  • Running No. 10553
  • Length 158mm

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