Bachmann Narrow Gauge 73-028A Dinorwic Slate Wagon With Sides Red With Load O Gauge Narrow Gauge NG7 Scale

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Bachmann Narrow Gauge 73-028A

Dinorwic Slate Wagon With Sides
Red, With Load
O Gauge Narrow Gauge
NG7 Scale

Condition - New 

The Dinorwic Quarry was once the world’s second largest slate quarry and vast narrow gauge railway networks were employed to move materials around the site and then on to transhipment points. Whilst flat bed wagons were used to transport slabs of slate and other large, bulky items, dressed slates which were ready to leave the quarry would be moved around the site and to transhipment yards and docks in basket-sided wagons like these. To reach Port Dinorwic, the loaded wagons were themselves loaded onto transporter wagons and carried for much of the journey on the famous 4ft gauge Padarn Railway.

These new Bachmann Narrow Gauge NG7 models feature a diecast chassis, fitted with authentic curved-spoke wheels and incorporating NEM coupling pockets, with a choice of two couplings – a simple hook and loop to offer discreet coupling within a train formation and our new chopper couplings to couple to locomotives equipped with the same. Fitted to the chassis is an injection moulded wagon body capturing the unique appearance of the spindle and bar basket construction, with engraved plank detail on the deck. Included with every wagon is a Scenecraft dressed slate load, allowing you to run your wagon empty or loaded.


  • Bachmann Narrow Gauge NG7 Scale
  • Era 2
  • Pristine Red livery
  • Marked with Weight 7.0.0
  • Supplied with Slate Load
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Supplied with ‘Hook and Loop’ Couplings and Chopper Couplings
  • Length 43mm

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