Bachmann 36-569A Class 90 Locomotive Decoder

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Bachmann 36-569A

A 21 Pin (21MTC) DCC Decoder configured for use in the Bachmann Branchline Class 90 – models produced from 2021 onwards. Configured to control the servo-motor-operated Pantograph.

Highlights include:
Dual-mode DCC/DC decoder with Back EMF function
1.2A continuous load
Brake Button function for realistic control of braking
Controls the servo-motor-operated Pantograph 

Default Functions when fitted to Bachmann Branchline Class 90
F0 - Direction Lights on/off
F1 - Cab Lights (Directional) on/off
F2 - Brake Button
F3 - Day/Night Mode
F4 - Direction Lights Off (Non-Pantograph End)
F5 - Direction Lights Off (Pantograph End)
F6 - Pantograph Up/Down

Operating Modes
NMRA/DCC with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps
Short and Long addresses
DCC and DC operation (DC operation is de-selectable)

Motor Control Features
1.2A continuous load
Variable pulse width frequency motor regulation (up to 40kHz)
Motor output overload protection; Back EMF (de-selectable)

Function Outputs
Pre-configured to operate lights and servo-motor-controlled Pantograph

20.5mm x 15.5mm x 3.5mm

Default Address
Address 3

DCC Service Mode & DCC PoM (Programming on Main)

Additional Features
RailCom® Feedback system
Capacitor connections

 This decoder is manufactured on behalf of Bachmann Europe by Zimo. For full technical specifications and instructions, please refer to the Zimo user guide for MX634C at

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