Airfix A06023 1:72 Scale Boeing Chinook HC.1

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Airfix A06023

1:72 Scale Plastic Kit
Boeing Chinook HC.1
Includes instruction sheet, paint guide and decal sheet.

Condition - New 

An aircraft which possibly underlines the capabilities of the modern helicopter more effectively than any other type, the mighty Boeing CH-47 Chinook has already been in military service for over sixty years and shows no sign of disappearing from world skies any time soon.

The distinctive tandem twin-rotor configuration of this heavy-lift helicopter cleverly counteracts the effects of engine torque by having each of its huge rotor blade stacks rotate in opposite directions, thus negating the need for the tail rotors traditionally associated with helicopters. 

The impressive Chinook made its first flight in 1961 and since then, it has become one of the most effective aircraft designs of the post-war era, capable of operating in almost any environment, no matter how inhospitable the terrain. Clearly, this has made the Chinook invaluable when performing many roles, ably tackling a multitude of military and civilian applications. 

As the world's largest operator of the Chinook outside the US, the Royal Air Force ordered 33 of these heavy-lift behemoths in 1978, with No.18 Squadron taking the honour of becoming Britain's first operational Chinook unit in August 1981. 

These first helicopters were designated HC.1 (Helicopter Cargo Mk.1) and had hardly settled into service when events on the other side of the world required their first overseas deployment. Following the Argentinean invasion of the Falkland Islands in April 1982, five of the RAF's Chinooks were wrapped in Driclad PVC protective covers and loaded on the deck of the requisitioned container ship Atlantic Conveyor. 

Tragically, all but one of these helicopters was lost following an Exocet missile strike on the vessel, with that surviving Chinook earning legendary status within the RAF. Having already been in Royal Air Force service for over 42 years, the latest variants of the mighty Chinook seem certain to be in service for many years to come.

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