Hornby R30099 East Coast Class 43 HST Train Pack DCC Ready OO Gauge

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Hornby R30099

East Coast
Class 43 HST
Train Pack
DCC Ready
OO Gauge

Condition - NEW 
Train Pack is new and in the original box.

Product Info

Following a period of unprofitable operations, the InterCity East Coast franchise and associated HST units passed from NXEC to East Coast, an operator owned by the Department for Transport. From the beginning of East Coast’s operations, it was made clear that it was the DfT’s intention was that the franchise be retendered in future years. To this end East Coast soon adopted a deliberately plain livery that would be easy for a new operator to re-brand. The franchise eventually passed to Virgin Trains East Coast in March 2015.


43008 entered service in 1976 working in the western region. After privitisation it briefly remained in the west serving with Great Western Trains before being transferred to GNE. 43008 was overhauled and fitted with a new MTU power unit between July and October 2008, being re-numbered 43208 and later named ‘Lincolnshire Echo’.


43115 entered service in 1979 and worked on the East Coast mainline. The power car, having been inherited by GNER, was overhauled and fitted with it’s new MTU engine between November 2007 and February 2008.



  • Class 43 – 43208 – R30099
  • Mk3 TGS – 44061 – R40245
  • Mk3 TS – 42193 – R40247
  • Mk3 TS – 42192 – R40247A
  • Mk3 TS – 42191 – R40247B
  • Mk3 TSD – 42238 – R40243
  • Mk3 TS – 42158 – R40247C
  • Mk3 TRFB – 40750 – R40246
  • Mk3 TFD – 41098 – R40244
  • Mk3 TF – 41097 – R40368
  • Class 43 – 43315 – R30099

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